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Fused Art Glass  by Nicole Vachier Lozano
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Glass Touch
San Antonio, Texas USA
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    Each piece goes through steps that include design, kiln firing and cold work. No two pieces are the same.

    The design phase begins with inspiration followed by planning for the desired effect. This includes making
    decisions about color, pattern, size, and function. Both inspiration and planning are important to ensure pieces
    are aesthetically pleasing and of high quality. I select the glass, plan for a specific mold, cut and layout each  
    piece and prepare a schedule for the initial firing. Flameworked elements are generally made at this time.

    The glass is fired to temperatures between 1200-1700° Fahrenheit.  It is carefully heated and cooled to ensure  
    the durability and quality.  This process takes anywhere from five hours to several days, depending on the
    volume of glass being fired. On average, my work takes one day to fire and two to three firings to complete.

    Between each firing pieces are meticulously cold worked. The glass may be cut using a wet saw with a   
    diamond blade, sanded by hand or with the assistance of a lapidary wheel, sand blasted and cleaned.

    The piece then takes its' final shape by heating the glass in the kiln to between 1100-1300º Fahrenheit so the
    softened glass falls into, or drapes over a mold. Just as in the initial firing, appropriate steps are taken to heat
    and cool the glass in a manner that limits stress to the piece.

    Fused glass can be cleaned with room temperature water, dish soap and a through rise.