I have always felt a need to create. Whether with scraps of fabric, paper, paint or anything else I could get hold of,  
    but when I found glass, it touched me in a way nothing else had before.
    A native of Texan, I was raised in San Antonio. I graduated
    from Our Lady of the Lake University, with a Bachelor's of
    Science in 1997. Since that time, I have worked in the corporate
    world. By day I work with people. By night with glass.

    Glass as a medium, balances application of science and
    creativity, requiring me to utilize both technical skills and
    creative abilities. I apply an understanding of the physics
    involved in temperature control to achieve specific results. My
    work is influenced by this process as well as the world around
    me. Specifically, I draw on influences from details I observe in
    nature, from my travels and my experiences in other areas such
    as calligraphy, book binding and fabrics.

    I believe strongly the feelings picked up by your fingers as they
    run across a piece are just as important as the message received
    visually. And that art/craft are meant to be enjoyed. I work to
    convey these values by creating items made to be lived with and
    used. I regularly include raised elements and pay close attention
    to the finish each piece is given. This increases visual depth and
    contributes to that ever important sense of touch.
Photo credit ©  Eva Magana Photography
Nicole Vachier Lozano
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Glass Touch
San Antonio, Texas USA
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